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Terms of service

The following conditions only apply to deliveries from SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN to private individuals.


If you purchase products from SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN via, this purchase will be subject to these Sales Terms. Please read these Sales Terms before ordering Products from You must know that if you order products, you agree to be subject to these terms.


These Sales Terms apply to all orders and purchases at 


Regarding the purchases at, SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN communicates electronically, either sending an e-mail or making an electronic post at By using this online store you agree that all intentions, notices, announcements and other information will be delivered electronically, unless required by law to provide the information in writing.


These Terms of Sale will be subject to change at any time, and their latest date of entry into force is stated on the website.


In the event of any changes to the Terms of Sale, these changes will apply to orders issued on or after the date of entry into force, provided that, on the date of submission of the order, the website states that the amended Terms of Sale are applicable at that time. Before you place an order for products, you will have a reasonable opportunity to read these Sales Terms and you will be asked to accept them.


You need to agree to our terms and conditions to make purchases on


To purchase products you must:

– Have accepted these Sales Terms and Data Protection Policy,
– Have informed us with your name and address, phone number, e-mail address, payment information and other mandatory information,
– Provide us with a valid shipping address (note that SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN is unable to deliver to mailboxes and automated packet distribution centres. Our orders are sent by courier where signature is required upon delivery),
– Be the owner or authorised holder of a valid payment / credit card for purchase of the products,
– Have legal suitability to enter into binding contracts.


You can place an order by continuing to the checkout page after clicking the “Add to basket” button.


You agree that your order (s) is an offer to purchase the product (s) in your order (s) in accordance with the terms of sale.


Payment must be made with one of the credit cards we support. In the checkout process, you choose which credit card you wish to pay.


When paying by credit card, an amount is called at the time of check, which is called “authorisation”. If SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN does not receive the authorisation, SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN reserves the right to cancel your order. The value of your purchase will be settled from that card as soon as SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN has sent you the email confirming the shipment.


Each order on a product is considered to be a separate purchase. All orders are then subject to SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN’s approval and SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN reserves the right to refuse to accept orders without SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN having to provide a reason for this (including but not limited to orders suspected of fraud). If SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN does not approve your order, you will be informed about this. You will be given the opportunity to review your order (s), read and accept the Sales Terms, check the total price and content of your order (s) as well as the information you have provided and you will be given the option to correct any errors before confirming your order (s).


As soon as you have completed your order(s) at in accordance with the instructions available on the website in connection with the online ordering process, SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN will send an email to the email address, You have stated that confirms receipt of order (s) and contains a detailed description of the ordered product (s) (e-mail for confirmation of the order receipt).


This email should not be considered as an approval of your order(s) – only confirmation that SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN has received it.


The contract between you and SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN will only be concluded when SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN sends you an e-mail confirming that the product / products have been shipped (e-mail confirming the shipment).


The contract relates only to the products covered by the e-mail confirming the shipment. We are first obliged to provide any other products that may have entered into your order when the shipment of these products has been confirmed in a separate e-mail.


SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the products you order from can be delivered.


If the product you wish to order is out of stock, you will be technically prevented from completing the ordering process. In addition, in exceptional cases and under unpredictable circumstances, a product on the website may be in stock from the warehouse after you have placed your order. In this case, the contract between you and SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN will not be concluded, which you will be informed of and the product will not be included in the confirmation email confirming. If you have made payment prior to the notice that the product has been discontinued (e.g. by credit card), SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN will refund any amount paid as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days after SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN has informed you that the product has been discontinued.


When you place an order, please ensure that the products you purchase are suitable for the purpose you intend to use. You are welcome to use as your starting point when checking the suitability of the products. If there is a difference between the content of and the content of other websites (or other sources of information), it will be the suitability described at at the time of purchase that will take precedence. Please note that due to limitations on display on screen, the exact color, size, and design of the items displayed on your screen may differ from the actual appearance of the items.


If the products you received do not match the ones you ordered or if your delivery is not complete or damaged during shipping, please contact SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN immediately per e-mail or telephone.


SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN doesn’t provide older versions of these Terms of sale, but SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN will instead send you a link to the applicable Terms of sale together with the confirmation email confirming the receipt. Until you have received the confirmation email, you can cancel your order at any time by contacting SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN Customer Service at If you wish to cancel your order after receiving the confirmation email, please refer to Refund Policy.


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